Top 5 Things To Do in Lucca

A charming city in north central Italy, Lucca is known for its history and medieval architecture.

Considered a beautiful and peaceful town, Lucca is within the Tuscany region.

The best way you can explore Lucca is by walking the streets or even booking this tour from Florence which also includes Pisa! Regardless of how you decide to explore Lucca, ensure you do these five things in the town.

1. Torre Guinigi

Guinigi Tower is one of the few remaining towers left in the town, with this one dating back to 1384. The Guinigi family built this Romanesque gothic style tower with a small garden at the summit.

Towers in Lucca would represent how important the family is, so the taller the tower, the more prestige the family was.

For a fee, you can climb the top of the tower and have a view across Lucca!

2. Mura di Lucca

If you arrive at Lucca via the train, you will right away notice a wall, this is the Walls of Lucca. This wall is made from brick, stone, and earthwork that surrounds the central city.

There is an open archway for you to walk into that leads you out to enter the city.

3. Cattedrale di San Martino

The Cathedral of St. Martin or the Lucca Cathedral is a Romanesque gothic style cathedral that opened in 1060. At a small price, you can enter the cathedral and at an extra cost again to climb the bell tower!

4. Piazza San Michele

What was once the Forum and central part of the town is now a main square. The Piazza San Michele got its name from the San Michele in Foro church!

Around the square are stores including fashion, wine, and jewellery, and there are also cafes and restaurants.

5. Wineries

You cannot make a trip to Lucca without tasting its delightful local wines! Within Lucca and nearby are some incredible wineries to visit where you can have the chance to try these delicious Tuscan wines.

The region is best known for producing amazing sangiovese, trebbiano, and vermentino wines.

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