Is the town of Lucca worth visiting?

Lucca is a beautiful Italian town in Tuscany and is the region’s most popular and loved ancient towns.

Lucca, Italy

Within Tuscany, you may come across a charming town called Lucca. This town is a beautiful Italian town that is well worth visiting. You can do a quick day trip to Lucca if you’re coming from a nearby town. But ideally, two full days here will be enough time to experience Lucca.

How can I get to Lucca?

Lucca is within the Tuscany region and is easy to reach via car or public transport. The town is a 25-minute drive from Pisa or just over an hour’s drive from Florence.

The quickest way to reach Lucca from Pisa is a 30-minute train from Pisa Centrale towards Lucca.

The train is also the best way to reach Lucca via public transport from Florence. The journey from Firenze Santa Maria Novella in Florence will take an hour and 20 minutes to reach Lucca.

Here are some must visit places and things you need to do when in Lucca.

Climb Torre Guingi

Torre Guingi

Guingi Tower was built in 1384 and is one of the few remaining towers in Lucca. The tower is a Romanesque Gothic style with a small garden at the summit.

The tower was built by the rich merchant family, the Guingis. During this period, families would compete to have the tallest tower, signifying the prestige and importance of the family.

Today you can climb to the top of the tower by paying a small entry fee, but it’s worth doing to see the beautiful views across the town.

Walk around the streets

We know it’s simple, but walking allows you to discover all the unique buildings and small boutiques. Walking through the streets might have you stumble across your own hidden gem in Lucca.

See San Fredinano Basilica

The Basilica of San Frediano is one of the oldest churches of worship in the town. The Romanesque church was first opened in 1112 at the Piazza San Frediano.

Inside the basilica is beautiful, with displays of art and tributes to the previous priests.

Follow up the stairs that lead you to the very top where you have amazing views across Lucca.

Walk the Mura di Lucca

You’ll be welcomed with the Walls of Lucca if you catch the train to Lucca railway station. The wall is a fortification that is made of stone, brick, and earthwork that surrounds Lucca’s central city.

You may notice an open archway that when you walk in, you will be led through the wall before you finally enter the city centre.

Within a few hours of exploring Lucca, you’ll fall in love with the ancient town. From its picturesque alleyways and breathtaking viewpoints, what’s not to love about a beautiful Italian town?

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