Is Pisa expensive to visit?

Pisa is just one of the many places that makes Tuscany so magical. This gorgeous town is world famous for its bizarrely-angled tower, but that’s just the very beginning of a place that has charm and wonder in absolute abundance!

Pisa, like other European tourist hotspots, can be expensive to visit. When you factor together food, transportation, entry fees and accommodation, you could find yourself spending around €100 a day.

However, as always, this comes down to how you want to travel: do you want to stay in a five star hotel or are you happy doing it on the cheap in a hostel? Do you plan to eat at ritzy trattorias when you’re in town or are you happy to grab some produce from one of the town’s markets and cook your own Italian feast?

There are different ways to experience Pisa and these ways incur different budgets, so you have to budget based around where you will be staying, what you will be eating and how many ticketed sites you would like to enter!

Here are a couple you shouldn’t dream of missing:

The Piazza dei Miracoli

The Piazza dei Miracoli, or “Square of Miracles”, is where all the Pisan magic happens. This is not only where you will find the most absurd Leaning Tower of Pisa but also the likes of the Pisa Cathedral, Pisa Baptistry and Camposanto Monumentale.

So, leaning towers aside, you will also find plenty of other ornate architecture in this most enchanting square. Of course, you might want to do this after getting your Leaning Tower Gram-snap, but we guarantee you will be as every bit enamoured with these impressive structures as you will be the tower itself…

Museo Nazionale

This incredible museum serves partly as a testament to the ingenious work of those who designed and constructed the nearby Piazza dei Miracoli. Here, you will find everything from original design sculptures of the piazza’s grand structures, as well as ancient manuscripts and religious documents.

Finally, given that it is Pisa’s most famous museum, you can trust that you will find some pretty wonderful artworks there, too!

The River Arno

Italy’s rivers are made all the more charming by the simple fact they are lined with stunning buildings. The River Arno is no different, and it makes for the perfect place for a stroll after you have visited the piazza and museum…

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