How many days in Pisa is enough?

Travellers fail to consider it when they hop on the train from Florence, but Pisa is so much more than just its oddly-angled tower. And, sure, whilst The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the stranger landmarks you’ll come across in Europe, it is just the tipping point of a beautiful town with plenty to offer within and right outside its boundaries!

You could spend one day in Pisa, taking in the Square of Miracles (tower included), its charming river and maybe a museum or two, or you could easily spend three or four days in this Tuscan microregion, exploring beautiful hiking trails and gorgeous beachfronts.

The choice is yours, but if you take the latter (a great option – trust us!) then prepare to expect these wonderful Tuscan adventures that go beyond a tower that looks like it’s about to topple onto 200 tourists, posing in unison:

The Square of Miracles

Because, of course, Pisa’s main square has a heap of beautiful architecture to offer! The Square of Miracles, whilst drawing massive tower-Gramming crowds, is also home to a few other gorgeously pious landmarks that make spending a couple of hours in the square totally worth it.

Take, for one, the Pisa Cathedral, located adjacent to the giant tower. This is really one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Italy or the world for that matter, and many people don’t even know about it until they stumble upon it after pretending to lick the Leaning Tower like an ice cream cone for their Facey friends and Instagram followers who long since stopped caring who has seen the tower.

Seriously, it’s a beautiful cathedral – don’t overlook it!

Head to the beach

Because you’re in Italy, and you’re typically never too far from a gorgeous, turquoise-watered, pastel house-lined shoreline, and Pisa is surprisingly close for the uninitiated.

All you have to do is hop on a bus and you will be whisked away to the Marina di Pisa. Here, you will find some charming little beachfronts that feel like a mile away from the madding crowds eager to get their snap at the main city’s top site.

Go hiking

There is some truly remarkable hiking to be done near Pisa, especially because, after all, you’re in Tuscany, and Tuscany is a region known for its grand hillsides that encompass miraculous views.

Take a bus out to the likes of Camaiore or Pietrasanta to find some of the best hiking trails in northern Italy!

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