Can you do a day trip from Pisa to Florence?

Tuscany is Italy’s go-to for everything elegant and gourmet. From its Medieval cities and towns to its bucolic countryside, to its masterpiece-lined galleries and rustic trattorias, Tuscany is a region where you can truly immerse yourself in some of that fine Italian living.

There are two towns that come to mind when you think of the grandeur of Tuscany: Florence and, of course, Pisa! One is known as the grand hub of the region, with lavish Renaissance architecture and delightful cobble-lined streets, whilst the other is primarily known for its rather bizarre eponymous leaning tower.

You’ll be happy to know that yes! Of course you can do a day trip from Pisa to Florence and vice versa, as the two towns are connected by bus, train and (a rather exorbitant expensive) taxi.

Public transport between Pisa and Florence costs around €12 and takes around an hour to complete the trip, with these wonderful experiences awaiting you upon arrival in Firenze…

Two of the world’s finest art galleries

Florence is famed for having not one, but two of the world’s finest art galleries, showcasing some of the Renaissance’s most important works. Spend the morning strolling the hallowed halls of the Accademia before coming to its focal point, a very grand Michelangelo’s David, before meandering over to the Uffizi, where the likes of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus and Primavera await you in all their unrivalled splendour.

Even if you only have a day in Florence, you can’t miss these two wonderful galleries, so be sure to snap up some tickets before getting there and spend a marvelous start to the day at the amazing Accademia and Uffizi galleries!

Marvel upon the city

Florence is still one of the world’s most aesthetically beautiful cities – we said it, and we sure ain’t taking it back! So, what does one do when they have one day to take in the city’s grand expanse? Heads to the utterly gorgeous Piazzale Michelangelo.

This is the ultimate spot to have a glass of wine, a little Tuscan antipasti and take in the sunset, before…

Dining on delightful Tuscan fare

After all, it’s Tuscany! A world marvel for top food and fine wine. All you have to do is duck into the first trattoria you see and you’re bound to experience a culinary sensation unlike anywhere outside of the region, bellissimo.

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